Nice to make your acquaintance!

NESTLED IN THE HEART OF THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH SHROPSHIRE COUNTRYSIDE we are dedicated to keeping healthy, happy pigs from which we produce succulent and delicious pork products.

Our products are hand-made to our own special recipes, our rule is:- “If we wouldn’t eat it, it doesn’t go in!”.

We have a small herd of breeding pigs, allowing us to keep to high-welfare standards and complete traceability.  On a high-welfare system, there is no need for routine antibiotics.  Our sows farrow indoors, with complete freedom of movement, so we can keep them comfortable and the piglets safe.  The weaned piglets move outdoors to  grow at their own pace, using responsible farming methods, so when you buy Muckleton sausages you are playing your part in this concept too.

You will taste the difference in our high quality, meaty, full of flavour products. In fact we are repeatedly Gold Award winners, at the English Winter Fair held in Staffordshire, for our sausages and bacon.